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Life at Humphreys wasn’t always “Life at Humphreys”. It was the result of a love story between two Vineyard restaurants that needed each other to lift themselves and the Island community up; Humhreys Bakery and Slice of Life Cafe.

Donna’s grandfather Argie Humphreys started their family business by selling turnovers door to door during the war. In 1949 he opened Vineyard Foodshop (better known as Humphreys), which was located where Waterside Market is located now in Vineyard Haven. A few years later Argie relocated the business to West Tisbury across from the famous oak tree.

In 2018 Donna started to think of ways to revitalize and grow the business. At this same time Pete had just decided to close his business Slice of Life after almost 27 years in the food industry. After Slice closed, the Oak Bluffs and Island community immediately felt the loss of his closing. As Pete started to explore his options, he connected with Donna and the idea of merging their two brands sparked instant excitement.

Life at Humphreys was born out of bringing the very best out of both businesses. Many of grandfather Argie’s baked-good recipes are still on the menu today…..and Pete’s infamous Slice specialties have been carried over to the Life at Humphreys menu, bringing joy to the Martha’s Vineyard community at large.


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